Dear Friends of Art,

The roots of the St.Lukas Guild Vienna stretch back to Antwerp in the 14 th century. There, the Guild of St.Lukas was one of the most famous of its time, counting among its members such major figures as Pieter Breughel, Peter Paul Rubens, and Jan Vermeer.

The St.Lukas Guild Vienna was founded in 1980 and boasts a large active membership. It is a collective of visual and plastic artists.

The guild organizes exhibitions primarily in Austria. It is independent, apolitical, and has no religious or ideological orientation.

Art creates an enthusiastic, glowing atmosphere, inspires discourse and lends new perspectives. Each member of our guild explores the world with his or her own personal style, and in our common exhibitions, this extremely broad range of personal expression is there to be experienced.

Come and discover all we have to offer first hand, and let us celebrate. The St.Lukas Guild Vienna is like art itself:

Always a surprise in store!